Fishing often result in the capture of Dorado, Surubi, Patí, Chafalotes, Manduví, Armado, White catfish, Yellow catfish, Skatefish, Tarariras, among other species, acording to the season and zone. We will always adapt the fishing modality and place acording to the type of prey that is seeked by the fisherman.
We propose “waiting” and “the water hyacinth” fishing modalities, onboard and with live bait as we belive are the most effective in our region.

The live bait consists in moray, eels and beetles.

Trolling, Fly Casting, Spinning and Baitcasting modalities are only for expert fishermen who bring their own equipment.


Giant Stingray is the largest freshwater fish you can fish in our country.

This fishing is extremely intense because the great strength and size of the fish.

Special equipment is needed, 80 lbs shark fishing rods equiped with good, robust reels with a high load of thick monofilament. This equipment is provided in the fishing trip. It may take several hours of fighting to fish giant stingray due to its particular characteristics, some specimens weight over 200 kilograms and have more than 2 metres wide.

Get ready for a really tought fight !!